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Established in 2010, Dongguan Jinming Auto Parts Technology Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise with automated production lines and highly automated production. It always tries its best to reduce costs, meet customer requirements for product accuracy and price, and improve market competitiveness. Ten precise CNC automation equipment and experienced project and quality control teams.
With high-precision test equipment and a complete quality management system, we have built a project monitoring system for the entire manufacturing process to ensure the use of very accurate materials, coordinated precision machinery and technology to manufacture precision parts.
We have obtained the international automotive industry high quality management system and ISO / TS16949:2009 system certification. In addition to providing special services for the processing of metal parts in the automotive industry, we can also provide services for the electronics, communications, medical equipment and food processing industries. We are willing to establish a cooperative relationship with you at a reasonable price and quality service.东莞市鼎启五金科技有限公司,成立于2015年,位于东莞市凤岗镇,与深圳接壤,交通便利。本公司设备精良,技术力量雄厚,拥有400台CNC加工中心、全自动研磨机、全自动喷砂机、手动喷砂机、滚筒式研磨机、抛光机、三次元、二次元等一系列生产加工和检测设备。目前主要以生产五金产品为主:手机外壳、数码相机外壳、机箱、屏蔽罩、散热片,汽车配件、摩托车配件、医疗器械配件、无人机配件等非标(异形)铝、不锈钢零部件。


    面向国内外市场的激烈竞争,本厂在规划中确定工厂的发展方向,以“品质第一,服务至上”为宗旨 ;以保质、保量、保货期为治厂理念,力求产品价格让客户满意。本厂现有员工约450名,采用了高级的管理人才,实现电脑一体化管理,凭借雄厚的技术力量和优质的服务赢得了客户的好评。希望能与广大同行业界携手共创美好未来。